Welcome to the Greater Appalachian Llama and Alpaca Association’s new website.  It’s GALA's '"face to the world" and our Members’ resource destination. Check out the information of the various pull-down tabs. On these tabs you will find information about the organization, how to join, resources, and current events coming up.


Some aspects are continuously being added to, such as the tab with GALA's history.  Here past presidents Hilary Ware and Susan Houston have begun recalling the early days of GALA. As you read their remembrances, it hopefully will inspire you to send us your memories and thoughts about days past that you would like to share so we can post them and keep an ongoing record of the history of this fabulous organization.


Under the tab Membership:Resources you will find GALA's new "Mentoring Project” as work in progress. Here you will find GALA members who are willing and trained to answer your basic questions regarding camelid care.

Now that GALA is more than a quarter of a century old, you can check out the Archives tab to find materials on past conferences or past media articles on camelids and activities by GALA members.  This will be added to as our archivist finds new items to add.

As always, the GALA website will have a current listing of camelid events across the country, a listing of library materials available for loan to Members, and Resources for all. 


There will be medical alerts in the News, GALA Board minutes, and special features including a section called "Legacies and Memorials".  Under "Legacies", members can write about those special camelids who are no longer with us.  To launch this section, Hilary Ware's llama Tupac will be featured.  In "Memorials”, you can remember a special GALA member no longer with us.


The GALA Home Page will feature a slide show of our camelids at work, play, and as our companions.  Other photos throughout the website will be photo contest winners. 

Enjoy and explore GALA's new “face to the world”.


Jane Hamilton Merritt, President