GALA Brochure

MEMBERS PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: Recycle or throw out all the old green brochures and request the new ones with the membership dates of January 1 to December 31. Be creative distributing these brochures. Members usually pass them out at Lama Festivals and State Fairs as well as the livestock and fiber events they attend. Some members tell me they have left flyers at feed stores, small animal veterinarians office, the dentist and doctors office etc. You never know where the next lama owner will come from. Most important is to make sure your large animal vet has a supply of our brochures in their truck. There are many people out there who do not know that help, and information are available from GALA.

Download the GALA Brochure here

GALA Directory Listing Update

The 2018 GALA Directory is coming this March – April 2018. Members please make sure to submit all your directory updates by January 19, 2018. Any questions about advertising should be directed to Miranda Brown:

The directory also is a great place to advertise to our 300+ membership. You can do it in 1-2-3 easy steps. Download the Directory Advertising Form here.

Update your personal statistics for the GALA directory any time during the year. If you have any updates to your personal information ranging from your area code to your zip code, from your address to your animal census, you are encouraged to submit an update.


Life members should remember to do this as your statistics change.

All changes will be entered into the GALA database for future publication.

You may submit your changes in the form below, or mail them to:


Miranda Brown
137 North Artizan Street
Williamsport, MD 21795


GALA Library

Have you visited the GALA Library recently? This member service is a great resource!

Free Packet of Llama Care Information

Available to any GALA member who is willing to share the material with humane societies, humane agents, livestock auctions, new owners, owners who don’t know how to care for their llamas, etc. Please contact the Cynthia Rossi, the GALA Librarian at


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