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FEBRUARY 10, 2011:

Please click the link below to read the latest press release from the Camelid Rescue Coalition (comprised of Northeast Llama Rescue, Inc. (NELR), in collaboration with Southeast Llama Rescue, Inc. (SELR), Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc. (SWLR), Llama Association of North America's Lama Lifeline Committee (LANA Lifeline)).

Camelid Rescue Coalition Press Release


JANUARY 24, 2011:

Here is an update and request from Chris Stull (SELR Coordinator)(


Collectively between all the llama rescues, LANA, and AniMeals all but 120 llamas have been evacuated from the defunct Montana Large Animal Sanctuary.  Several have died in transit as for them it was simply too late.  The problems at this sanctuary existed long before the funds ran out last summer.  It is sickening to learn so many of the females are body scored at 1's and 2's, all either with crias at their side or pregnant.  This has been a huge undertaking on the part of South East Llama Rescue, South West Llama Rescue, North East Llama Rescue, and LANA.  They have moved mountains in such a short period of time yet there are still animals to be evacuated by the deadline of 1/31.  All of which are males with a small number of 15 or so  who are disabled, ill, or special needs.


I am making a plea to the llama community at large for the donation of any used llama coats folks may not need.  I'm not asking for monetary donations, just coats.  As many coats as are possible.  Coats which are needed now.


Is it at all possible for GALA to join ranks with the rest of us to put on a drive for coats?  I've been calling every retailer and pharmaceutical company in existence all week and for the most part have been well received by most.  Needed supplies are slowly coming in but now we're down to the urgent issue of the coats.


The two triage farms which have the most at risk girls right now are below.  This where the coats would be

best sent.  For folks who haven't a used coat but would like to send one, Quality Llama Products is offering to

send 1 free large adult coat for every 3 coats purchased, collectively.  This being said, each and every purchase

counts towards the free donation.  All they have to do it choose one of the addresses below as a shipping location

and write in the comments section of the checkout this is for South East Llama Rescue.


Julie Wier

9211 Bunkum Road

Fairview Heights, IL   62208


Buck Creek Ranch

11745 Otterbien Road SW

Laconia, Indiana   47135


JANUARY 7, 2011:

The following update is from the ILR website and is the most recent information on how to donate money to MLAS:

If you are interested in further information or in donating funds to provide food for the llamas at the Montana Large Animal Sanctuary (MLASR), we suggest you check out the website for further developments. Donations to the cause can be made through the donation button on the top of the page. After entering the amount, you can designate to a specific cause on the next screen.

The most recent MLASR updates for AniMeals can be found on the AniMeals Blog at and on Facebook at At this time they are promoting the MLASR REHOMING PROJECT for adopting the llamas. Your help would be greatly appreciated. A form can be found at the bottom of the blog site


(Added 1/10/2011)
Also here is the link to Southeast Llama Rescue who are coordinating efforts in our area for re-homing of MLAS llamas:


Montana Large Animal Sanctuary to Close


To: Camelid Organization Contacts

From: National Lama Intervention & Rescue Coordination Council

 There is a lot of information and misinformation floating around about the closing of the Montana Large Animal Sanctuary. The attached is the latest information we have from the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, which is the group working to coordinate the closing process. It is easy to be negative and critical at a time like this, but our energies are better spent in working together toward a positive solution for both animals and people. Please share this with members of your organization through email blasts, posting on your websites or however you choose. Also feel free to share it with other members of the camelid community. Since things are still in a state of flux, some of the information could change by the time your newsletters go print, but we think it is important that more people know what is going on and what is being done about it.

Thank you,

Sheila Fugina 



Montana Large Animal Sanctuary to Close
To: The Llama and Alpaca Community
From: National Lama Intervention & Rescue Coordination Council

The IRC Council was formed at Camelid Community in 2005 in order to provide an efficient system of coordinating llama and alpaca efforts nationwide and to help promote camelid welfare through education. The following message was written by Charlene Schmidt, IRC Council coordinator for the northwest.


Dec. 4, 2010

To all concerned:


I spoke at length this morning with Brian Warrington, one of the directors of Montana Large Animal Sanctuary. Brian is also the one who feeds the animals daily. The information circulating that the Sanctuary is closing is correct, but some clarification is needed. Although we are all feeling concern and sadness and the desire to help, we need to take a deep breath here and make sure we are all operating with the same information.

First, the Sanctuary is closing, not just to new entries, but for good. In Brian’s words, “We are folding,” This is due to a sudden and major shift in economic circumstances that makes what they have been doing out of love for so many animals for the last 16 years untenable. I think we are all aware of the effects of this economic downturn. Since they are out of funds, what the Sanctuary needs most at this time is monetary donations for hay and feed. While placement is going on, they need to secure a sufficient supply of hay to support the three to four tons that they are feeding daily.


As to the placement of animals, the following is the most current information concerning those spearheading this effort, according to Patty Finch, executive director of Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries:


Jerry Finch, president of Habitat for Horses, located in Hitchcock, Texas, has final say on placements but only interacts with the team captains listed below.


Phyllis Ruana—Llamas

Montana Animal Care Association (MACA)

P.O.B. 153

Corvallis, MT 59828


501 C-3 nonprofit organization


Dave Pauli—Wildlife

Senior Director for Wildlife Response

Humane Society of the United States

HSUS Animal Care Centers

Billings, MT



Susie Coston—Farm

National Shelter Director

Farm Sanctuary

P. O. Box 150

Watkins Glen, NY 14891

607-583-2225 Ex. 262

607-583-4472 (Fax)


Jane Heath—Horses

Executive Director

Montana Horse Sanctuary

Simms, MT


Patty Finch—Funding and Solutions Beyond Critical Placements of as Many Animals as Possible

Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries


In closing, I would like to add that Kathryn and Brian have been there heart, mind, soul and body for animals in need. Theirs has been a dedication that can be called complete in every sense of the word. If at all possible, please make a donation to the care of the animals that these people took on to help llama and alpaca owners when they were in need.


Thank you,

Charlene Schmidt

(Information on the IRC Council is available at, web site for the International Camelid Institute.)