Lama Medical Research Group Report to the Annual GALA Membership Meeting. 8 November 2013, Latham, NY by Hilary Ware, GALA Representative.

Llamas in the news. See article on Lancaster Farming website. "When the Situation Gets Woolly, Call a Guard Llama." 12/7/2013. GALA member comment: "Good article but should have stated that the guard llama can be protected from meningeal worm by following a proper worming protocol."

Visit the GALA 2013 Conference page for some photos, a short video of the Lama Parade and local media coverage. Note that the page has been moved to the Archive section.

Llamas Featured in New York Times Story
The Llama Is In” is an article by the New York Times on July 3, 2013 about llamas popularity and versatility. Some of our GALA members are featured.

Catching and Handling Llamas and Alpacas
An article prepared by the National Lama Intervention & Rescue Coordination Council (IRC Council). Read the article.

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