We Gratefully Thank Our 2018 Conference Sponsors.
See them here.

Click here to see how you too can become a Sponsor
using our Sponsorship mail in form and pay by check.
Click on the pictures below to learn
a little more about these great explores.

Neil Armstrong
$1,000 Level
Carol Reigh, Buck Hollow Llamas

Sir Ernest Shackleton
$500 Level

Lewis and Clark
$250 Level
Paige McGrath & Steven Harrison
Lower Sherwood Farm

Pam Campbell & Michael Scornavacchi
Spookey Nook Alpaca Farm ($300)
Chuck and Sonja Leach. Leisure Acres Llamas
Kay Schotta, Associate of Scattered Oaks Llamas
Carol Boermer
Ed & Audrey Lee, Rest & Be Thankful Llamas
Philip Baker Insurance Services

Hiram Bingham
$100 Level
Kimberly & Robert Markowski, Back Woods Farm
Ron & Cynthia, Pine Woods Farm
Bob & Carol Wolfe, Spruce Lane Llamas
Ohio River Valley Llama Association
Susan & Ned Houston, Maple Leaf Llamas

Leif Erikson
$50 Level
Ohio River Valley Llama Association
$25 Level
Joe & Kaitlyn Lewis, Browan Llamas
Deborah & Nacia Johansen, Boulder Gates Farm

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