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See the new additions and updates to the 2014 Conference page.  7/21/2014

Check out National Alpaca Farm Days. September 27 & 28.  7/21/2014

A Llama Trek in New Mexico: Wall Street Journal artical. 6/3/2014

Recent updates to the GALA Calendar and the 2014 Conference page. 5/14/2014

Katrina Capasso has joined the Newsletter Advisory Committee.  She joins Carol Reigh, Bev Vienckowski and Jane Hamilton-Merritt on this Committee. 3/26/2014

The 2015 GALA Photo Calendar is now underway. Click on the Photo Calendar Icon to the right for everything you’ll need to know about it. Also check out the new "Sponsors" Tab at the top of the page.  3/25/2014

The 2014 GALA Photo Contest has started and is accepting photos now. Get some winter shots before the snow is gone and get ready for spring. Click on the Photo Contest icon to the right or here to get the details.  3/13/2014. 


On March 14 & 15 the 2014 Conference Co-Chairs, Hilary Ware and Terry Beal met with some of the committee members at the Marriott, Sable Oaks in Portland, Maine. All day Saturday was spent planning and discussing this year’s conference, one to remember! Go to the 2014 Conference page. 3/17/2014


Lama Medical Research Group Report to the Annual GALA Membership Meeting. 8 November 2013   Latham, NY Hilary Ware, GALA Representative. 3/3/2014

Website additions: Thanks to Marc & Sandy Page, we now have the history of GALA’s Directors and Officers and the Chairs for Gatherings/Conferences from the very beginning. Do you know who GALA’s first President of the 21st Century was?  How about who was the Chairperson of the 2000 Conference and where was it held?  12/30/2013